«one small step» is being organized since 2010 by free fall – ελεύθερη πτώση under the artistic direction of Christina Mertzani and Evangelos Poulinas.


Artistic directors: Christina Mertzani and Evangelos Poulinas

In 2010, Christina and Evangelos decided to found the international contemporary dance festival «one small step» in Corfu. The festival takes since place every year, bringing contemporary dance closer to the citizens of Corfu and transforming the squares and streets of the city to performance places.


design consultant: Maria Paneta

web designer-developer: Yiota Vergopoulou

light designer: Kostas Vlachos

stage manager: Kostas Vlachos

video: Spiros Badios
Fabio Kraniotis

event manager: Elena Poulimenou

coordinator: Liza Kardami


translations: Dora Koutoukis

proofreading: Eleni Filippidou

dance for all

«one small step» believes that dance should be accessible to all. This is why it organizes free of charge performances that everyone is welcome to attend and workshops for professional dancers as well as for non-professionals. People of all ages are encouraged to take part and enjoy moving.

cultural tourism

«one small step» is proud to be able to attract to Corfu dancers and audience from all over the world. By offering contemporary art (performances and workshops) of high quality, the festival enhances the cultural production of the Island, making it an attraction for international audience.

contemporary dance development

«one small step» creates opportunities for the development of contemporary dance by organizing performance projects – where acclaimed choreographers, invited to Corfu, create and present a performance – by holding workshops with renowned dance teachers, by becoming a place for experimentation, discussion and exchange of artistic ideas.