Photographer: Keith Hiro


place: Museum of Asian Art (foyer)

time: 18:00

With the support of:

26th July by Tracy Wong and Mao Wei (MW Dance Theatre) “Pardon”


Choreography and PerformanceTracy Wong and Mao Wei (MW Dance Theatre)

Music DesignerAlain Chiu



“In this story, there is a choice to be made:escape it or face it. Is it still me that’s stubborn? Or the choice?”

We believe one’s feeling and experience is what’s real. Discoveries of the self from deep within, where one feels life from its most genuine impulse.

“Pardon” was commissioned and premiered at the 2015 Hong Kong Arts Festival. In 2015-2018, Pardon Has toured in Macau, Korea, Amsterdam, Gran Canaria, Cadiz and Hannover.



Short biographies:

Tracy Wong

Born in Macau and graduated from HKAPA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First-class Honor) in 2013.Wong awarded The Margaret Zee Outstanding Performer Award, Dean of Dance Prize and Faculty Scholarship of Contemporary Dance, also with Macao scholarship. She is now an independent artist, Worked with many world-renowned artists and companies,

She was invited to work and perform the new creation Simon Says by Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh in France and Hong Kong, which collaborated with Unlock Dancing Plaza in 2016 and 2017. She also worked with Hiroaki Umeda (Japan) for his new creation Through at The 28th Macau Arts Festival. She was toured with Van Huynh Company in the 7th Busan International Dance Festival and The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival: Art&Faith in 2011. She has also performed in Spain, Vienna, Philippines, and Malaysia etc. Her recent work “Peiking Duck” and “Pardon” was invited to perform in Korea Wiz World Dance Festival, the 1st Macao Modern Dance Festival and the 43rd Hong Kong Art Festival. In 2016, she was invited again to present her new work “Mapping” by the 44th Hong Kong Art Festival. Also invited by The 27th Macau Arts Festival to present full length work “Shelf Life”.


Mao Wei

Born in China.  A full scholarship student and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has worked with many artists from around the world and toured internationally. As an independent artist focuses on body research and choreographs.

In the last 3 years he choreographed “Tringer”, “Tringer2.0”, “Dream death” for Four Degrees Dance Laboratory. And his own work ”Thorny Road”, “Shelf Life”, “Pardon” and “Mapping”. His work was  invited to different Arts Festival like: “Wiz World Dance Festival” in Seoul, “Macau Modern Dance festival”, “RAM Dance Festival” in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Japan, “The 43rd Hong Kong arts festival”, “The 44th Hong Kong arts festival”. He specializes in the use of images to create an atmosphere and feelings to give people direct visual impact and their own imagination.