place: Platia Dimarchiou
time: 21:30

28th July Performance Project by Helder Seabra “NEXUS”


Choreography: Helder Seabra

Performance: Brazeau Vanessa, De Santos Anibal, de Savoye Karlien, Geltyte Gintare, Givanovich Andrea, Guzey Su, Kovacevic Rada, Lai Jasper, Murkova Domenika, Porazinska Kalina, San Lo King, Sanseverino Armande, Schmidt Stephanie, Wai Shan Luk Vivian, Woergather Angie, Xistri Fotini



What is it about this connection between people, this spontaneity of relations / of bonds? Where does it come from? What do they stand for? Where do they lead?

Beginnings and Ends are questioned.

Patterns too. Cycles idem. Human and Nature Flow along with it.

The Dynamic play between the collective and the individual and seeing and experiencing it as something cyclical is brought on the table.

The importance of sharing life too.

The performers acknowledge being part of a herd; acknowledge the power of the group and the vulnerability and strength that it brings up to every single individual.

They grunt in new constellations, throw themselves into the void, drawing, defining, re-drawing and re-defining traces and moments between end(s) and beginning(s), resulting in an instinctive, raw, strongly animalistic and yet poetic movement and theatrical quality.


Short biography

Originally from Portugal, Helder Seabra received his training in Ginasiano/Portugal and P.A.R.T.S./Belgium. For the past 14 years he has been a long-term member of the renowned companies Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus and Eastman/Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, as a performer, assistant choreographer and teacher for local and international assignments. At the same time he has been progressively developing his own artistic practices and in 2013 he founded HelKa Vzw, to channel all his previous experiences and explore the full potential of the body & mind, and different forms of dialogue, through collaborations with other artists. Through the platform he has been creating, performing, and teaching on an intensive basis (inter)nationally.