Photographer: Pablo Gestoso Ramos


place: Platia Dimarchiou
time: 21:30

28th of July Victoria P Miranda “ROJO”

Choreography and Performance: Victoria P. Miranda


… when I pursued the inner images it was the most important moment of my life. Everything else is derived from it. My whole life consisted in the elaboration of what had progressively broken from the unconscious and flooded like an enigmatic current and threatened to overflow. All that followed was merely external classification, scientific elaboration, and integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then …


Short bio:

Victoria P. Miranda is Graduated in Dance Pedagogy and she has a Master in Scenic Arts. She created Choreography’s for the National Company in Costa Rica, National Conservatory in Montevideo, Dantzaz Company, Conservatory in Burgos, CSDMA in Madrid, Jalapa University (Mexico).

Invited to MUDANZAS , Festival in Costa Rica to be part of the Jury in  a Choreography Context.

She collaborates with Los INnato, in Costa Rica. Her work “AND THAT´S WHY I´M HERE TODAY“  won the prize Solodos en Danza.

Involved in the theater-dance-video  project Memoryhouseproduction, Bruxelles- Slovakia. Part since 2013 in a project in Brazil called Connection Samabaia. An exchange with artists from different disciplines.

She worked as an interpreter and Choreographer assistant with Carmen Werner (National Prize), Provisional Danza, for 7 years. She has worked as  choreographer assistant, and dancer in St.Gallen  Theater, for guest choreographers Josef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea (RootlessRoot).

As interpreter, Johannes Wieland, Toula Limnaios, Rafaele Giovanola, Linga Company, Eric Trotier, Phillip Tallard, Ruses Project, Arrieritos, Maura Morales, Co Erasga

She is working intermittently as a teacher in various schools and institutions in Spain and abroad since 2003, including: SEAD, The Place, Marameo, Henny Jurriens Foundation, CSDMA, Nunart, Staatstheater Kassel, Toula Limnaios, Cocoon Dance Company, Linga dance company, Theater St. Gallen, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Japan, Russia, Canada, Costa Rica