Photographer: Barbara Crosetti


place: Palaia Anaktora
time: 21:30

4th of August Lucio Baglivo “Solo Juntos”

Choreography: Lucio A. Baglivo in collaboration with Candelaria Antelo and Maximiliano Sanford

Performers: Candelaria Antelo/Anuska Alonso, Maximiliano Sanford and Lucio A. Baglivo

Costume: Lucio A. Baglivo

Music: Electronic Cumbia Mashup

Collaboration: Soledad Oviedo

Original concept and director: Lucio A. Baglivo

Photography: Bárbara Crosetti


A dance floor. A street party. Cumbia playing on the back. Three people dive into dancing. The proposal of this work is to create a physical language both risky and dynamic, through contemporary dance, acrobatics and the mechanics of contact; the constantly hazardous challenge of seeking said contact between the bodies without shadowing the clear intent of the character’s motivations.


Short biography:

Lucio Baglivo is a dancer, acrobat, actor, choreographer-director and acrobatic dance teacher. Since 2003 he has been teaching acrobatics, contemporary dance and Laboratory of creation in different cities of Spain, Belgium, Switzerland ,Italy, and Argentina. He has worked as an invited choreographer and teacher for different circus companies and institutions. His productions have been presented in Turkey, Germany, Holland, USA, Italy, Spain, Greece, Chile and Argentina and have had the support of Centro Danza Canal, National Dance Company (Spain) and Robert Wilson.