Contemporary Technique for non-professionals by Christina Mertzani


Starting from 0 (Zero)

This workshop is for people who love dance and wish to express themselves through it by observing, feeling, hearing and wanting to communicate with their body.

In this workshop we will work on body posture when still and when walking, to gain knowledge on positions that protect the back, knees and joints from injuries. Also, we will practice correct breathing and through various techniques we will realize how important this is for dancing, as well as in our everyday lives.

Through dancing exercises we will discover our personal limits in terms of movement, flexibility, strength and stamina and experience our body changing! Our goal is to search for our senses and the relationship between our body, the earth and the air, and along with a variety of movements and our imagination, all the above will result in freeing our creativity and us personally!

The music will carry us away and we will listen to and experience a number of sounds and rhythms.

So, let’s dance then!


Short biography

Christina Mertzani choreographer, dancer and teacher – graduated from Athens State School of Dance 2004.

In the last 13 years she has been teaching contemporary dance and partnering extensively in Europe, leading masterclasses, workshops and intensives for dancers and companies in theaters, Universities, festivals and professional studios such as: cie.toula limnaios, Marameo, Staatstheater Osnabrück, Landesbühnen Sachsen, Staatstheater Kassel, Staatstheater Heidelberg, Tanzbüro Basel, Staatstheater St. Gallen, Staatstheater Bern, Nachschub, HJS Profitraining Amsterdam, SOZO visions in motion, Landestheater Linz, Anton Bruckner University, Staatstheater Bielefeld, Staαststheater Braunschweig, b12, one small step, AKBANK Sanat Istanbul .

“without trace”, Christina’s first choreographic video work, awarded by the British Council in 2014.

Ever since, Christina has been working internationally as a choreographer, performer and teacher.

She has choreographed for V.Void, Arthrosis, Municipal and Regional Theater of Corfu, SOZO, among other companies.

As a founding member of the company  free fall, she has presented “metamorphosis”, “inside”, “mix-up”, “cube”, “alternative bodies”, “stheno”, “run away” and video dance works “entanglement”, “reborn temptation” and “60 pulses”, in Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France and The Netherlands.

As a performer, Christina has worked with Stella Zannou, Kostandin Mixos, Kat Valastur, Apostolia Papadamaki, Maria Gorgia, Sofia Spyratou and performed choreographies by Wim Vandekeybus, Mark Morris and Martha Graham.

She is currently a faculty member  of Anton Bruckner University in Linz, Austria.

Since 2010, Christina Mertzani co-directs with Evangelos Poulinas «one small step» International Contemporary Dance Festival in Urban Environment, Corfu / Greece.   


Where: Municipal Theater of Corfu, 68 Georgio Theotoki Str. 49100 Corfu. Main entrance  Samara str. Side entrance Stamatiou Desila str.

Dates: 30th of July  – 3rd  of August

Time: 16:30 – 18:00


Selection process / How to apply

Please send us an email expressing your interest to participate at:


The total cost of the workshop is 100€.

«one small step» has secured for its participants discounts in accommodation close to the venue and to selected local restaurants with amazing Greek cuisine.


For more information please email us at: