Master class with Lucio Baglivo (acrobatic technique and partnering workshop)

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Acrobatic technique and partnering workshop

Little by little, my classes have been evolving. The roles of director, choreographer, performer, and teacher have been intertwining and intermingling within me. In consequence, my workshops have become a space to explore that place where theatre, acrobatics, and movement (contemporary dance & contact) meet. The “creative process” has become an essential part of my class and where my focus is today.

Regarding the content of the workshop:
Technique will be used as a vehicle to open a wide range of possibilities of expression that will be awakened by self-exploring and connecting with our undiscovered capacities of expression. We will utilize improvisations bound by a clear objective as a way to reach new depths breaking the apparent limits imposed by the premise of the activity. We will endeavor to become more aware of what we generate in others developing an understanding of how what we feel inside relates to how we engage with the outside (space, time, music, movement, and others) We will focus one-on-one exercises but we’ll also participate in group and individual activities.

-No previous experience needed, or assist in couples.



Lucio Baglivo is a dancer, acrobat, actor, choreographer-director and acrobatic dance teacher. Since 2003 he has been teaching acrobatics, contemporary dance and Laboratory of creation in different cities of Spain, Belgium, Switzerland ,Italy, and Argentina. He has worked as an invited choreographer and teacher for different circus companies and institutions. His productions have been presented in Turkey, Germany, Holland, USA, Italy, Spain, Greece, Chile and Argentina and have had the support of Centro Danza Canal, National Dance Company (Spain) and Robert Wilson.


Where: Municipal Theater of Corfu, 68 Georgio Theotoki Str. 49100 Corfu. Main entrance  Samara str. Side entrance Stamatiou Desila str.

Dates: 4th of August

Time: 10:00 – 12:00


Selection process / How to apply

Please send us an email expressing your interest to participate at:


The total cost of the workshop is 20€.

«one small step» has secured for its participants discounts in accommodation close to the venue and to selected local restaurants with amazing Greek cuisine.


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