Masterclass with Samuel Lefeuvre and Florencia Demestri

master class description

Florencia Demestri and Samuel Lefeuvre propose to playfully explore choreographic tools based on imagination and fantasy. How does an image or a sensation can influence our dancing? Which technical tools can help us to transform ourselves into the projected image? They’ll tackle the notion of physical states, dear to their creation process. With the participants, they’ll explore some states used in the choreographic work of the company, and then look for others, more personal, so that each of us can use his/her imagination to develop an original and creative way of dancing.


Where: Municipal theater of Corfu

When: 29th of July from 11:45 – 13:15

in order to apply please send us an email telling us a few words about your dancing background to the following email address:

workshop cost: 25 €

one small step has organized for its participants discounts in accommodation close to the venue and to selected local restaurants with amazing greek cuisine

For more information please email us at:


short bio

Florencia DEMESTRI & Samuel LEFEUVRE: After dancing for choreographers such as Alain Platel and David Zambrano, and being part of different collectives (Peeping Tom, groupe ENTORSE) they now collaborate together to create hybrid choreographic works with a focus on bending the audience’s perception of reality. Through the use of disruptive narrative and intense, twisted physicality, they invite the spectator to give in to a multiple and intuitive interpretation of the occuring events, favouring sensations over meaning.