Museum of Asian Art

It is a unique museum in Greece. Holds 11,000 objects donated from private collections, mainly from the Far East and the Indian continent (China, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Indochina, Tibet, Nepal). 

He exhibits distinguish early Chinese cult vessels of brass (1200 -1027 BC) and figurines collection (6th-9th c.), The china from the 14th to the 19th century. and painted cylinders (12th-18th century.), the Japanese origin weapons and armor portions Samurai (16th-18th century.), the theater masks “No.” (1338-1578m.Ch.), the wooden objects by lacquer as and unique prints on canvas and paper (17th-19th c.). 

Of particular interest is the unique Helleno collection of sculptures from Gandhara, Pakistan, dating from the 1st to the 5th AD eo5 c. and underlines the Hellenistic influence, a legacy of the presence of M. Alexander in the region. Palace of St Michael and St George.

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