Speedy puzzle – Performance Project by Anton Lachky

Short description:
The performance is based on dancing and its qualities. It is a celebration of dance, simplicity, life.

Dimitra Alpanidou, Federika Bottini, Iris Chan, Fili Dianellou, Natalia Gabrielczyk, Evangelia Kimptzi, Sarna Kladziwa, Georgia Kotokou, Sonia Lao, Mariana Leptokarolou, Anna Magkou, Katha Platz, Jens Trachsel, Mirka Vlachou

Anton Lachky short biography

Born in 1982, Anton became member of Akram Khan Company in March 2004 and followed long international tour of “MA” for two years.
He has been invited in most of the European countries and has been teaching in Asia and North and South America.
Anton Lachky is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance Collective. As a choreographer, Anton Lachky, created different pieces: “Mind a
Gap” (2013), “Side effects” (2015), “CARTOON” (2017).
As a guest choreographer he made “Softandhard” – Helsinki City Theater, “Heaven is the place” – Prague DOT 504, “Perfect Day To Dream” (best choreography of 2012 in Iceland) – Iceland Dance Company, “Kids in a play” (nominated best choreography) – Zagreb, “Sens Interdit” – Bodhi Project (SEAD), “Magical Road” – St-Gallen. “wonderland” for the Gottenborg Ballet.

The performance evening starts at 21:30 on Saturday the 29th of July at Palaia Anaktora
Free Admission